Workshop & Courses

Elements of Massage
Learn how to give a relaxing nourishing massage in full presence and contact .
You will learn:
Basic of anatomy (main muscles, skeleton)
The benefit of massage and contraindication
Use of oils and material
How to prepare yourself and the space
How to connect, center, maintain presence awareness and healthy boundaries.
How to perform a full body massage.
How to give closure and aftercare.
You will have personal attention, a lot of space to experiment, to discover your personal style and to ask questions.
Own investment :
8 hours divided in 3 sessions so you will have time to practice in between sessions: 240€.
You bring your own model.

Couple massage
Choose a partner and you will in turn give and receive a massage.
You learn:
How to touch in openness and presence , still aware of your boundaries.
How to stay with what you feel and ask what you need.
This is a group workshop. Massages are performed on the ground and with clothes on.
Its advisable to wear loose comfortable clothes, ( mind that oil can leave stain on the textile! ) and bring
your own towels or sarong.
min 3 and max 5 couples.
2 hour session
75€ per couple
Can be booked as a private event.
For dates consult the events on the face book Yinside page