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Slow relaxing flow: Gentle massage, ideal if you need to release tension and just lay back and relax. enjoy a flow of slow movements, soft & firm touch, breath awareness , acupressure, calming essentials oils, lot of hot stones and lot of pampering. All what you need to let go of your worries, restore and nourish body and mind. On request I can use CBD oil to invite deeper relaxation and relief from chronic pain.

Deep tissue release : Firm and strong massage, ideal to loosen up tight muscle and fascia restrictions. I use all that i have : fingers, thumbs, forearms, elbows and sometimes specialized massage tools to dig in into the layers of tissues in search of blockages or accumulated tension. I might use trigger points therapy and fascia release and passive stretches. Also hot stones , cupping, arnica or magnesium oils can be introduced.

Therapeutic massage : When you want to dedicate the session to a specific part of your body like neck, shoulders, back, head, face, arms, hands , feet, legs, belly …. You name it! Sometimes we feel like focusing and really connect to an area of our body, maybe because is painful or maybe because we never really take time for it . Massage is a holistic practice: whatever part of the body is massaged, the all body will benefit from the attention and spaciousness . You can also combine 2 or more part, depending on the length of your session.

Detox: Ideal if you are doing a seasonal cleanse, you are recovering from an illness or anytime you want to support your body in its ability to release toxins and metabolic waste from the lymphatic and circulatory system. This massage routine starts with dry brushing to reinforce the work of the lymphatic system and purify the skin. I mix detoxing blend based on lemongrass, tee tree, orange , juniper berry, pine; during the massage I will stimulate the cleansing proces, addressing liver, kidneys, spleen and large intestine energy channels and will end with an acupressure routine on points along those channels.

Anti cellulite Treatment: This massage focus on thighs, buttocks, hips and belly. The routine starts with dry brushing ; then will apply an oils blends mixing ingredients as lemon, grapefruit, black pepper, rosemary , palmarosa, sweet fennel. Massage with circular movements and rolling techniques will alternate with cupping to help break up adhesion in the tissue, favor elimination of toxins and increase circulation.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy massage journey ( From the 2 trimester ) Time to nourish and nurture, time of many changes, physical and hormonal. A pregnancy massage is given laying on your sides. I mix special oils blends which can help against nausea or water retention and help you relaxing. Acupressure can help as well and i will teach you some of the points you can use during labour. Receiving massages After pregnancy helps the body integrate and heal and gives you a moment to relax, be alone and recharge.

Baby massage journey This is an ancient and wonderful way to create continuity between what the baby was used to in the belly , touch all over, and the new world she is discovering. The Shantala baby massage is serie of slow but firm movements; their repetition create safety, bonding and confidence. It also increase relaxation, growth and increase the immune system response. I teach caregivers the Shantala Baby Massage techniques in 2 sessions of 1 hour; after you will be able to perform the massage on your own as part of your daily routine.

CBD oil Massage CBD or cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis; unlike THC , CBD it is not psychoactive and will not get you high, however is a natural analgesic and may provide:
Relief from temporary inflammation and muscle soreness
Relaxation and reduction of stress symptoms
Antidepressant and anti anxiety effects.
May help in coping with chronic or temporary pain as in arthritis and MS
It also replenish and hydrate the skin

A Bodytelling ,assage journey with CBD Oil, is a deeply relaxing experience.
I mix de CBD with almonds or coconuts oil. I use tested and approved CBD oils.
For more information on CBD you may consult this site:

Magnesium Massage This wonderful mineral is a natural muscle relaxer, has a calming effect and brings your deep tissue massage to the next level! It also facilitate detoxification, has regenerative effect on the skin , especially on dermatitis and acne, It helps by injuries recovery and muscle recovery.