Embodied Meditations

Embodied meditation are body centered meditations practices , journeys trough our inner landscape, acts of personal and collective ecology. For me the path to spirituality and insights unfolds spiraling downwards: is dark, brings me trough muddy places and dark forests; my hands get dirty, I fight enemies, meet allies,I never know what is hiding in the cave or what might be the boon. Meditation is practicing patience, humbleness, kindness, is learning to stay with what there is, in this body, in this life. And then is standing up and do the work, with hands and hart, right here, with what we are at and with what is in front of us. Being a good human. It might became our “ magic tool” in a life journey towards the realization of our soul call. I offer Embodied meditation in different forms:

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Sitting / standing guided mediation: We welkome awareness in the body and stay present with whatever arises.

Nidra integration Practice: We follow the step of the Nidra practice to reach the luminal space in between wake and sleep, access deeper rest , relaxation and the possibility of new insight.


Active meditations: In meditation like Active Osho or Dance & Meditate we connect with the body by shaking, dancing, free style moving. We allow our energy to move around, we express her own authentic free spirit and flow. After we dive into stillness became the observer, become the healer.

Storytelling yin and meditation: Storytelling is an ancient healing art. It connect us with what Jung calls The collective unconscious , a source of wisdom and knowledge we carry in our genetic memory, trough symbols, archetypes, words and images. I tell stories that speak directly to our hart and our soul, while we stay receptive and awake in our body . There will be time to connect in stillness to our personal story as part of a bigger journey.

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