Do you:
Experience physical discomfort, aches and pains in any part of your body ?
Experience poor range of movement, feel blocked and stiff?
Have RSI symptoms ( repetitive strain injuries)?
Need to release stress, to find a calm, a recharging moment for yourself?
Are struggling with burn out ?
Feel for self care and nourishment?
Seek support during detoxing programs?
Are you looking for new insights on old habits ?
You want to learn practical creative tools to improve the quality of your daily life?

Yinside Massages
Each massage is an unique, personal journey, surely not a one size fits all routines. Every-body is the ever changing results of our history, the way and quality of our movement, our habits, relationships , background, preferences and much more. Thats why I offer exclusively customized body work; I listen and take into account your present situation and needs, then combine various techniques and tools to create your very personal massage experience. Next to traditional relaxing and deep tissue massage styles, I incorporate elements of fascia release, trigger point therapy, Thai & Lomi Lomi massage , energy work, acupressure , the use of hot stones , a wide range of oils and of course my full attention, warmth and care. In the massage menu some inspirations to use as a starting point when you book your treatment: