Inner Resources to Support your Life

FROM EFFORT TO EASE is a journey of self-discovery designed to:

The journey will be divided into 4 afternoons (once a month), each focusing on one of the elements and corresponding archetypes, symbolizing our strengths and powers.

19- 9-2020 – Down to Earth: How to receive the support of the ground, in order to feel more aligned, centered and empowered, and reduce tension and stress. The Healer Archetype: pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Inner resources: Self-love and Compassion

24-10-2020 – Into the Water: an enquiry into our fluidic nature, to improve health, flexibility, vitality, receptivity and resilience. The Teacher Archetype: be open and not attached to outcomes; Inner resources: Wisdom and Trust.

21-11-2020- Out in the Air: an exploration on our relation to inner and outer space. The Warrior Archetype: show up and be present. Inner resources: Authority and Leadership.

19-12-2020: The Fire Within: access your source of energy and power within. The Visionary Archetype: tell the truth without blame or judgment. Inner resources: Clear and Authentic communication.

Time: From 13:00 till 20:30. please be there at least 15 min earlier.
Where: Sthira yoga - Oostenburgermiddenstraat 212 -214
1018LL Amsterdam
Own Investment : €425 €350 Included: Tea, Snacks and 20% off on a private Craniosacral session
with Monica and on a Bodytelling massage experience with Barbara
Info : or

monica an babs

Barbara Falorni - Yinside bodywork: Embodied yoga and
meditation facilitator, massage therapist, storyteller.
“ I create the space, you allow the healing ” Barbara Falorni

Monica Mole is a somatic yoga and embodiment teacher,
massage and craniosacral therapist.
You can find me on Facebook.
“Not by will, but by trust” – Monica Mole