Embodied movement

What’s Embodied movement?
In Embodied movement we practice the wisdom of our body trough movement ; we reconnect body and mind and expand that connection into our daily life.
Embodied movement help us remember how it feels to fully inhabit our bodies; asanas becomes archetypal sources of consciousness trough which we access our potential and informations from within.
We practice with curiosity, humor, creativity, humbleness and kindness; we explore physical sensations, breathing pattern, habits, expectation, longings and possible transformations.
Classes are accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of experience.
Specific physical issues are to be discussed before hand.
Check here the weekly schedule

Mindful rolling : a self care routine

Taking responsibility for our health is our right and duty. Maintain the connection with our bodies is empowering . Create an habit of sensing and feeling your body helps us feel and respect our boundaries and prevent us from physical and mental overstress. Mindful Rolling is easy to learn and to implement: just a few minutes a day can make the difference! In Mindful rolling classes you learn:

  • To to use different kind of massage balls to treat massage and release almost any part of your body.
  • How to use this method anytime and everywhere.

What is for:

  • Pain reducing
  • Increase range of movement.
  • Help prevent and maintain body health .
  • Is a tailor made, cheap and effective way to maintain body health and prolonged the effects of your massage session.
  • Explore how to be in the body using breath , full presence, relaxation and kindness.

You can choose for a Customized private sessions of 30 min to add to your massage journey ( min 90 min) . For weekly group classes check the Weekly schedule Find out about Special Events on the face book page of Yinside

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Acupressure and fascia release & Aromatherapy

Special self care classes designed to empower our consciousness about health by learning easy self care techniques.
A practice where we alternate gentle pressure applied on specific points along meridians channels, with yin style stretches in order to improve energy flow, support healing and restorative processes.
Essential oils stimulate brain function when inhaled and enhance whole body well being when absorbed trough out the skin.

What you will learn:
  • The location and benefit of acupressure points and how to use them for self treatment
  • Hoe to combine acupressure and yin for healing and restoring during yin practice and in daily life .
  • The use and benefit of essential oils for specific treatments

When : first Wednesday of each month
20:00 at The conscious club